What can I tell you about me? 


My previous business name was Madlom's Fine Arts & Photography, where I decided to rename to Cattail Creek Photography.

Long ago, my grandfather gave me random (so I thought) gifts every time we saw each other, which was maybe two times a year.  I never understood why, but now I do.  They were his old cameras, which I now have over 50 of them!  They remind me of him every time I see them and how he started the spark of interest in photography.   


I am a mother of a beautiful daughter, now 11.  She is growing fast and the love of my life.  

I have many interests beyond photography. Being out doors, is my favorite place to be, camping, walking, experiencing the beauty of nature, the colors, the smells, the trees . . .

Food is so good, most the time, so I exercise: run, cycle, even if indoors at the Y, so I can eat what I love.

Dancing is in my soul, and it has taught me to love the art-form of the body and the beauty of its movements.

I love to find great spots for photo sessions. I follow the light where ever it takes me, to see nature’s way of selecting, and focusing on a subject that I can to focus on my work whether seniors or family or weddings.

I hope when we meet you can see my passion for my work and know that I will work hard to produce the best portraits for you and your family, all while having fun making the memories.

infoccp@cattailcreekphotography.com  |  920.509.7178  |  © 2018. Katie Madlom of Cattail Creek Photography LLC

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