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About Me

What can I tell you about me? 

Long ago, my grandfather gave me random (so I thought) gifts every time we saw each other, which was maybe two times a year.  I never understood why, but now I do.  They were his old cameras, which I now have over 50 of them!  They remind me of him every time I see them and how he started the spark of interest in photography.   

I love to find great spots for photo sessions. I follow the light where ever it takes me, to see nature’s way of selecting, and focusing on a subject that I can to focus on my work whether seniors or family or weddings.

I also enjoy capturing the moments that tell a story, whether its for your business or personal life.  

In addition to photography, I also enjoy creating websites for small businesses.  Creating the content for websites such as B-roll video and PhotoMotions to help share your WHY for your small business.


Beyond the digital world I enjoy wood working, wood burning, drawing and painting.  

Being out doors, is my favorite place to be, camping, walking, experiencing the beauty of nature, the colors, the smells, the trees . . .

Food is so good, most the time, so I exercise: run, cycle, even if indoors at the Y, so I can eat what I love.

Dancing is in my soul, and it has taught me to love the art-form of the body and the beauty of its movements.

Most importantly, I am a mother of a beautiful daughter, now 13.  She is growing fast and the love of my life.  Her passions include horses and music of all kinds. She also wants to someday be my assistant on shoots.  My little mini helper.

I hope when we meet you can see my passion for my work and know that I will work hard to produce the best portraits for you and your family, all while having fun making the memories.

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